false alarm


Good day.

I just want to share our experience in our apartment during the occurrence of the typhoon no. 19 in Japan. As we all know before the typhoon came that it would the most devastated typhoon of the year. I never got nervous about typhoon as nevous as I am during typhoon hagibis. During the night of the typhoon I am just sitting inside my apartment and waiting to it to arrive. Just before the forecast arrival time of the typhoon we felt a strong shake of the building of our apartment. It was  so shocking. To make the building shake that strong by a wind the typhoon must be very strong. Immediately after the shake all my colleagues on the 4th floor of the apartment transfer to the 1st floor of the apartment for safety. I don’ have a plan to evacuate that time because I think ground floor will be flooded due to heavy rains. Due to the fear of “die alone” (haha) I decided to go with them and go also to the ground floor. We found out afterwards that the strong shake is due to an earthquake. 

Ijou desu.