Be Happy…Always smile… It’s free!!!


Good day to all of you.

It’s my first time to be in-charge of a blog here, so I’ll take this opportunity to do some introductions of myself and my family as well.

I am 38 years old, having a beautiful wife (second actually) and four (4) lovely children.

I am separated from my first wife. We have two (2) children, my son Marc Jann Perry, 15 y/o and my daughter Xyna Mari, 14 y/o.

My wife now is Irene, 28 y/o. We also have two (2) children, our son Xyruz Perry, going to 10 y/o this coming 24th of August and our daughter Xyrene Carmela, will be 7 y/o this coming November.

I hope this year I can take them here for a vacation for them to see how beautiful Japan is.

I feel very lucky and proud to have them.

My wife is my trophy, my children are my medals!!!
I feel like I won every time I think of them!!!

Thanks for the time.