Smoking cause and effect

Good morning to all.

Why do I smoke before?

         This are the things that always come to my mind every night.

Given the effect of cigarette in our body like cancer and other diseases.

The government keep on warning and informing its people through radio, television, internet and also in cigarette

packaging regarding the effect in our body but there are still millions of people taking it.


          My story is like this. I start smoking in my high school days, because i need to do that during my high school age. (In Philippines we can smoke from 18 years old. )

And I will post it. Thank you.

My school was far from our home so I was very close of getting bullied in our school. That time I must protect myself

from the bully by taking cigarette though around 1 or 2 sticks per day,the bully maybe thinks that i don’t have directions

of my life also same as them so if they bully me there’s a possibility that i fought back and many student will think that bully persons are

scared also. and during my high school age student taking cigarettes are black sheep so they are not getting bullied in school..

After that i stop smoking. then i start smoking again during my working age. Our work is not that easy though we are just

sitting in our table nd holding the mouse of the computer. But too much thinking on our design sometimes our brain didn’t give us 

very good design as we like. I use cigarette before as a mind relaxation to think again after i relax my mind.

But though I have some reasons to do or continue smoking the effect in my body leads it to the way of stopping it. The uncleared  vision

of my eyes was one of the effect. Actually before I didn’t believe the bad effect of cigarette in our body but now i see it and feel it by

myself. For those people who are still smoking kindly stop it slowly. so that you will not feel the injection in your eyes how it

hurts. Please stop smoking. For the inspirational quote from me just think about this. ” Cigarette is expensive but  losing your life early due to its  effect is more expensive”