Animes, ninjas, samurais and mangas. Those are the things that comes into my mind when I heard the word Japan.
I have a lots of “first times” here in Japan.
Just to be honest, I don’t like eating raw foods like fish and egg. But it changed here in Japan when I tried eating sashimis, sushis, raw egg on gyoudon and I even tried horse meat.
Japan is very convenient except for the language.
I think there is a barrier between “gaijins” and Japanese when it comes to that.
In my opinion, Japanese people are like isolated because if you can’t speak their language, you’re not in their circle. I feel there is discrimination between them and gaijins (but you can’t avoid and please that situation).
Atleast basic Japanese will help you survive your stay in Japan.
Your Japan experience won’t be complete without eating ramen, sushi and sashimi.
Of all the places I’ve been to, Japan is the best when in comes to gadgets and discipline.
Japan is one of the best countries to visit.
That’s all for my blog.