Top of Japan

Hi. I am a new member of Asuka Engineering from Philippines. I just want to share my Mt. Fuji experience last August. At this point in my life, my first attempt to climb Mt. Fuji summit is I can say  the most agonizing experience I had ever. I think I am too weak to climb the summit for 14 hours from the 5th station. I really think of dying during the worst part of the climb (haha!). Over fatigue, stong cold wind, difficult terrain, sleepless whole night and small level of oxygen are the challenges to climb the summit. I almost fall down while walking because I am too sleepy. I cannot stop for a short sleep because I am already alone that time. I am thinking that I may die of hypothermia during sleep because I am wearing not so thick clothes and I am shivering that time. “I would die if I sleep” is the thought that keep me from walking. I have reached the summit at 7 AM in the morning. Sunrise is over. If I will climb it again I will aim to watch the sunrise at the top of Japan.

“Climbing Mt. Fuji summit… experience of a lifetime.”