Piano Recital

Good Day. I’m in charge of today’s blog.

Today’s topics is the daughter of elementary school 1st grade… I will talk about my daughter’s piano recital on last Sunday.

She will be the first presentation after moving to New teacher of the piano lesson from last autumn.

A title of music is 『spinning songs』. The music difficulty level is normal in general. I cannot read the musical score and also neither can I play the piano. That’s why I felt it was difficult for me while listening to her playing a piano training every morning from before a month.

Then … the day of the recital.  I thought she can play well music until the end but she was depressed that I skipped some performances. I respect my daughter of small girl with professional consciousness.
…..Next Big events is Sports Festival of Elementary school and kindergarten or festival  for children of three(girl) and five(boy) and seven(girl) years old!!!