What date is it today?

Good Day. I’m in charge of today’s blog.

Its a day of traffic signal installation.

And also my first work day since I moved to new house(Sorry for my personal day). My budget has a red signal lighting.

 In practice cost concerns, my wife’s hope is island kitchen(still green signal), my children’s wood deck for playing outside(to be yellow light),my hope is automatic open and close toilet machine(yellow signal to be blink), etc…(red signal). That’s why I have a cost of a lot of money for a new life but it is our pleasure to thinking with family of the interior coordination in house.
Its several turning point in life.
Marriage is the second life and live with my children is the third life, life in the new home is starting the fourth life. I thought that I had to work harder as a patriarch of new house and good husband and good father.