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Hello there,  it’s me again your blogger for today.

Last October 7, 2019, an epic boxing fight between the two of the most decorated boxer. A fight between the current japan boxing sensation Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Donaire (future hall-of-famer). It is one of the good fight I’ve watched.

Where the Japanese sensation Naoya Inoue came out victorious with a unanimous decision on the three judges. Kudos to both fighters, they give the audience what they deserved.

TRIVIA : Did you know that after the fight, Nonito Donaire borrow the boxing trophy from Naoya Inoue. It’s because Nonito Donaire promised his two sons that he will bring the boxy trophy. A big RESPECT to both fighters especially for Naoya Inoue for letting Donaire fulfill his promise to his sons.

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