I arrived here in Japan on February 1st. They say that this month is the peak of the cold season.
To battle the freezing temperature they suggested that I should try ramen and I’m glad we did.

My first ramen is on the first of February. Even at first glance, I knew it would be delicious.
One sip and I felt the heat rushing, the savory flavor of the soup as I slurp is in balance between salty and sweet.
I began feeling warm, forgetting the ruthless environment, escaping the cold weather.
All the ingredients contribute to the complete experience. A combination that brings a new yet familiar taste.

Ramen may be perfect in winter but it’s still great for all seasons.

Do I like ramen because it was the first food I tried here in Japan or because I liked its taste especially when the temperature is cold or because I haven’t eaten enough to fulfill my desire, I guess I will never know.
But one thing is for sure ramen became my favorite food here in Japan.,   so far.