I would like to tackle my first time experiences here in Japan.

For my first blog: Witnessing snow for the first time.

It was a cold morning. The sky is dark yet calm, the darkness is like the time of  dawn, just before the sun shines. The first thing I observed when the snow started falling was how the color slowly fades and everything turned to white. As the snow continued to fall, covering my surroundings with its color, I noticed how silent each fall of snowflakes were. It was just plain silence even if the snowflakes hit the ground. I reached my hand out to touch the drop of snow, I felt the chill of each drop as it landed on my hands and the breeze amplifies the cold. But when I allow the snowflakes to stay on my hand, it started to melt thus turning into water.  The snowflakes were not wet and at the same time it is not dry. It is like between a solid and liquid in which a small difference in temperature triggers a change of state. I enjoyed the cold and I enjoyed watching the drop of snow.

It was a cold morning but witnessing snow for the first time was magical.