Are you a victim of bullying (cyber bullying)? Or you a bully?

Many of us has an experience being bullied.

Bullying is rampant nowadays and it must be stop.

Bullying can be done verbally, physically and socially.

Bullying has a negative impact on everyone.

Effects on victims of bullying can be:

-feelings of shame

-sleep disturbance

-low self- esteem

-work, school, or any public places avoidance

-symptoms of anxiety

-symptoms of depression

-higher risk of illness

-the feeling of alone, hopeless and unsafe



If you feel being bullied, here’s what you can do;

-Walk away or ignore when you feel the situations is dangerous or threatening

-Seek help 

-Be or stay calm


But how can I help if I see a situation of bullying?

-Take immediate action like call a police,  higher authorities/ officials if the situation is too dangerous.

-Separate them and talk with them.

-School them.


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