7 years in Japan (Life in Japan)

First Job. First out of the country (Philippines). Today marked my 7th year here in Japan and at the same time as an OFW. I didn’t expect I did come this far. OFW was not on my mind. What I only want was working in the government. I was excited knowing I’ll be working in Japan because it is one of the first world countries and at the same time nervous because of the language. Being an OFW is uneasy and tough. Never I imagined that I survived 7 years being an OFW. I have gained confidence, became independent and made myself more patient. Lots of struggles and problems came but all you have to do is believe in yourself. I’m grateful I’m working for Asuka Company. I’ve learned and experienced a lot of things. Asuka company molded me as an independent individual. It really helped me a lot. I hope I can survive all the struggles and problems in the future.